Sweden is a design (desti-)nation. From flat-packs, minimalistic tone-in-tone interiors and fashion made for the many, to sustainable architecture and norm challenging ideas, handcraft and care for traditions–Swedish design matters–for the user, the bystander and the planet. To make this accessible we open Sweden’s first virtual design museum, and also Sweden’s first design museum focusing on architecture, design and fashion. 

The Swedish Design Museum is not your typical museum – it has no physical collection. The Swedish Design Museum is a virtual museum with the purpose of making Swedish design accessible (online) and visible to people in all corners of the world. Who knows, are you unknowingly sitting in a room furnished by Swedish design when reading this? Our design is present everywhere, but there is more to it than the cool contemporary minimalism it is known for.

Swedish design is made for the many, made to be used – and used again. It breaks norms and challenges preconceptions. Moreover, it is shaped by its context, the beliefs and values of Swedish society. And as a digital platform the Swedish Design Museum strives to achieve much the same.

The Swedish Design Museum is a virtual museum with opportunities. Going forward, we will showcase Swedish design in new ways–exhibition by exhibition–giving more people the chance to experience what Swedish design is all about.

Our experts

To accurately represent Swedish design, we’ve chosen a group of experienced architects, curators, designers and journalists to hand-select every exhibition here at the Swedish Design Museum. Our group of experts have all been an important part of making Swedish design visible on the world stage. The group who helped us put together our very first exhibition consists of Susanna Strömquist, Emma Jonsteg, Eero Koivisto, Gustaf Kjellin and Daniel Golling. 

A part of the Swedish Design Program

The Design Program is an initiative to promote and position Sweden as a design destination is commissioned by the Swedish Government. The initiative is led by Visit Sweden in collaboration with Architects Sweden, ASFB-Association of Swedish Fashion Brands, The Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture (TMF), and Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design).